WHO officials say it '' very unlikely'' COVID-19 virus originated from Wuhan lab

WHO officials say it '' very unlikely'' COVID-19 virus originated from Wuhan lab

After spending weeks in the Wuhan lab, the WHO team says Wuhan is unlikely to be the virus origin. They have now focused on other possible sources. 

Coronavirus very 'unlikely' to be from Wuhan lab- WHO

Foreign health experts who are looking into how the virus came to being, have waved away insinuations that COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab. The head of WHO in China, Doctor Peter Ben Embarek, said a very slim chance that the virus emanated from the Wuhan lab. He said his team is working on the probable origins of the virus. 

The WHO research will have to focus on Southeast Asia for more information about the virus. China's Wuhan was the first town where the coronavirus was detected last 2019; however, the Chinese government didn't believe it would be this serious. Some more than 108 million people in cases and about 2.5  fatalities have been documented globally.

New Data about COVID-19 has been found 

Dr. Ben told media men that there had been positive results and the team has found new data, but it hasn't proved that the virus came from Wuhan. Infectious experts believe COVID-19 came from animals before infecting people. However, they aren't sure about how. 

Dr. Ben said that the origin of the COVID-19 might be from an enclave of bat's, but it isn't likely to be in Wuhan. He mentioned that discovering the bats' pathway is what they are doing but says it is possible the virus had an intermediary host before getting to humans. 

He further said there wasn't evidence that COVID-19 spread in Wuhan before November 2019. A health analyst opined that recently that suggests COVID-19 may exist in other areas before its detection in Wuhan. He said their next job is to look at other south-east Asia nations that these bat enclaves could exist.

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