Flower industries in Morocco: towards a certain disappearance

A popular way of showing love to one's partner is to give them a bouquet of flowers. Indeed, like countries around the world, roses are highly appreciated by lovers everywhere in Morocco. However, even if the demand still exists, the flower industry seems to be doing badly in Morocco.

Flower trade: from production fields to sales

Flowers travel a long way before reaching your hands in the form of a bouquet. This is because the plants are first cultivated until they bloom. During their growth, these plants are maintained through special phytosanitary treatments. These treatments are often expensive. Once the flowers are available, they are packaged and stored in refrigerated trucks for distribution. The cost of production is therefore high. As a result, the price of flowers in Morocco is increasing every year. In addition, global warming is making it more difficult to produce flowers. Water is no longer immediately available, and much more investment is needed in the irrigation system. The sector is therefore becoming very unprofitable and many producers are abandoning the flower sector in Morocco. Follow this link https://www.top-of-the-facts.com/ to learn more about the flower trade in Morocco.

Flower growing: a labour force that has become scarce

To make a long career out of growing flowers requires passion and perseverance. Indeed, not everything is easy, as we have just seen. The current crisis in the Moroccan flower industry has led to a decline in the workforce. Growers prefer to switch to more profitable activities. The only florists who are still hanging on are barely making a living from their work. The flower industry is dying in Morocco. However, this does not mean that the sector is dead. There are still flower shops in the country. So don't hesitate to please your loved one before it's too late.