Famous Saudi women activist released from Jail

After spending over two years in jail, a prominent women activist in Saudi Arabia has been freed. However, there are still certain restrictions placed till probation ends. 

A prominent women activist finally regains freedom 

An active ladies activist, Loujqin al-Hathlouy has been freed. According to family sources, Mrs. Hathloul, 32, was a key figure in pushing women rights and allowing them to drive a car in the Emirates. She has been in prison since 2018, a month before the car ban was lifted. 

Last December, a judge found her guilty of changing political order and damaging the public system. She was sentenced to five years in prison with two and a half suspended. However, her family has said she isn't entirely 'free,' as there are some federal restrictions she will have to adhere to during her probation.

According to her younger sister Lina, '' she is back home, thanks to those who have supported us during these challenging times, we are grateful '. Another sister of hers Alia, tweeted,' this is the best time of my life ''. Miss Hathloul is a  figure of hope to oppressed women in   Saudi Arabia, and many have looked towards her inspiration. 

She has accused the government of abuses during her incarceration 

Her family reported that she was detained in secret and made to pass through various sad experiences like electrocution and sexual harassment. It was also said that government officials promised her freedom if she said she wasn't tortured. The kingdom officials have denied all accusations and said she wasn't tortured and that her incarceration was because she talked to media and foreign officials. 

Adviser to the US president, Mr. Jake Sullivan, has said the country is happy about her release. She has always been a symbol of hope to the tyranny deployed by Saudi Arabia. He also promised that the US would continue to support her in her human rights fight.