US government sells millions of barrels of Iranian oil seized

After seizing millions of Iranian cargo oils, the US has sold them to help terrorist victims. This decision comes as tensions between both nations continue to grow.  The US sold Iranian cargo oil seized  America has sold around two million of Iran's oil, which was seized due to sanctions placed on the Iranian regime last year. The Justice Department confirmed this. The continued seizures of Iranian oil vessels are part of the US economic measures put on Iran over its stance on nuclear programs.  The US has also tagged some Iranian groups as '' terrorists'' because of their nefarious activities... Read

International Trends in Adventure Tourism: Spotlight on Cycling and Hiking

Adventure tourism is a rapidly growing sector within the global travel industry, and for good reason. This adrenaline-fueled form of travel not only provides tourists with an exciting way to explore new destinations, but it also offers significant economic benefits to local communities and contributes significantly to sustainable development efforts worldwide. Among these activities, cycling and hiking have emerged as popular trends in adventure tourism on the international scene. With scenic routes that span across continents and topographies that challenge even the most seasoned adventurers... Read